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I am a collector. I collect delicious, sinful, Oh My Gosh  I could die right now recipes. One could say I a a closet hoarder...or a recipe whore.  Yes, a recipe whore seems a more appropriate adjective to describe me.(rather be a recipe whore than a real whore...whew, been there, done that!)

I love making something for an event or party and hearing the comments people make, going back for more, polishing it off and then demanding the recipe. It makes me feel good about myself.  It kind of puffs me up, and sort of validates me.  I love hearing "Oh I got this Recipe from Sarah" or "Sarah makes the best (Insert food here)".
If I find something I love I will hunt the maker down and I WILL procure it. Little Old Ladies, Restaurants, friends and family dont stand a chance.  Top secret recipe?? Oh I will get it.  If anyone ever has one of those "Do not give this out on penalty of death and being cut out from your inheritance", I will still get it. I am doggedly determined to procure the worlds best collection of out of this world recipes that will make me a local legend and the "go to girl" for all things cooking. Plus it is the thrill of the hunt. I  love finding new recipes for THE BINDER...

WHAT IS THE BINDER??I have a huge white binder, full of recipes and page protectors.  When I find a new recipe I print it out, and put it in the appropriate section.  I dont need a zillion cookbooks. I have "THE BINDER".

I come from Southern stock. My mother was born in Tennessee and her family hailed from Alabama and Tennessee and Georgia.  We are Very proud of our heritage and recipes and the indulgent use of butter, alcohol(oh hush, it cooks out), and to hell with cholesterol!  We have a family cookbook, filled to the brim with death defying creations. We get together once a year under the pretense of a family reunion. What it REALLY is though, is a chance to get together and show off our very best food. 6 tables worth, cram packed with every imaginable salad, casserole, beans, slaws, meats, and desserts. Ohhhh the desserts.  I come home 5 pounds heavier.
I dont remember my mom doing an excessive amount of impressive cooking with dinner or packing lunches. However for functions she pulled out all the stops and made me proud.
I remember one time when I was about 16 years old I went to Youth conference at Church.  My mom was slated to make a few apple pies for dessert, along with a few other mothers.  She pulled out "THE BOX" (her version of THE BINDER). She went to work. Uber thin apples, the correct balance of white and brown sugars, nutmeg, cinnamon, flour and butter.  It was perfection. The Perfect Apple Pie.  I knew which ones were my moms.  At the end of the night her pans were the only ones practically licked clean.  The others were not close.  I heard a few of the other kids talking.
"Who made those pies? They were so good"
I said it was my mom, and they asked why hers were so good and the other pies werent.  What was her secret.  I said "She uses sugar".  The other pies were made by Mormon Housewives who used Honey as sweetener and whole wheat flour as a crust and thickener and were nowhere near as good as my moms. The other kids just kept raving and that was the start of my obsession.
In college I did a lot of cooking to impress the other girls (well when i say impress I mean make them jealous). I swapped recipes with my roommates, tweaked and did "the date test".  (cooking for a date and he declares you amazing and wants to make out). Of course in college I could have fed a guy canned Ravioli and the hormones would have taken over...I was 19 and horny, this isnt rocket science. Anyway It was research...lots and lots of research.

I started amassing a collection of recipes that would elicit THE FOOD ORGASM.


A food orgasm is, according to
The reaction a person makes after taking a bite of a dish they find especially delicious. A food orgasm usually includes one or more of the following: tilting the head back, rolling the eyes upward, gasping, moanind and/or cooing.
Yes, this is a technical definition.
I think a food orgasm can also include dilation of the pupils, a dramatic pause and an "oh" when you take a bite, the continual want of said food, and then bragging to your friends about how good it was.

All recipes in this blog are from various sources, I am not going to claim anything that is not my own.  I have gotten them out of various magazines,  friends, sources etc.  Some i have tweaked.
I will be forthcoming about the source and what changes I have made to the recipes.
I will also include a little background about each recipe.


1 recipe per day. Sometimes it will be an appetizer. Sometimes it will be a salad...or soup...or meal...or dessert.  There is no rhyme or reason to the listing.

This blog assumes that you know cooking basics. If you dont know a term, technique or ingredient, google it. God gave us the internet for a reason.

This blog assumes no responsibility for any injury you incur while cooking.  I am not paying to reattach your finger because you cut your finger off whils chopping something. 
This is not a Supersize Me thing either. If you live solely on this blogs recipes for 30 days you will probably die.
if you are on a diet, I do not recommend this blog.
Just being honest here.

email me at
these recipes MUST include source(even if it is as simple as "My aunt Mildred used to make this"), any background info you want to give, and perhaps a little back story.  i think stories are the best part of a recipe.

follow this blog. Try the recipes. Add Some recipes.
Someday we might be famous...and then wont you feel silly for not participating!!


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