Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It is about that time!!.  Apple season is upon us here in the Carolinas.  In a few weeks I will be heading up to Hendersonville and picking my yearly bushels of apples and using them for a variety of cooking and baking. I will get my HoneyCrisps, Mutsus(aka Crispin), Galas and Granny Smiths!! Then onto baking, canning and more!!

I WANT NEW RECIPES!! I am asking for my readers to submit their favorite apple recipe. I will publish every recipe sent in!  All I need is a source and background (where you first had it, or why it is a favorite etc)
You dont need to send in pictures unless you want to, I will just use standard apple stock picture)

I will personally try every apple recipe as well!!

  • each person can submit 2 recipes
  • each recipe needs a source (i.e. Aunt Sally, Food Network,, etc etc etc)
  • a little side story about  this recipe to accompany it would be great. It makes the recipes a little more interesting, in my opinion. when did you first have this? How often do you make it? is it a family tradition? Family favorite?
  • each recipe will be published and the reader will get credit. I will even link back to your blog if you like, just let me know.
these recipes will be published during the month of september.
To email me, go to my "About Me" profile section and click on it. There will be a button that says EMAIL.
whoomp, there it is.
cant wait!!!!!!!

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  1. OK. You asked for it! Here is my super secret, super deliscious, super easy, apple recipe. It has been handed down to me from my mother who used to make it for me every single day after school.

    Cheedar Cheese

    1. Cut apple into slices
    2. Cut cheese into slices
    3. Place cheese on apples
    4. Eat

    Super simple, ONLY way to eat an apple.:)


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